Reading Osteopaths Join Expanding Chiropractic Centre in Reading

Reading osteopaths and reading ChiropractorsReflex Chiropractic has evolved into Reflex Spinal Health and have added two Reading Osteopaths to join the Reflex team of Chiropractors in Reading.  Having Recently moved into a brand new, bespoke centre on Church Road in Caversham, Reading, the plan was always to expand and to increase the types of care offered at the clinic.

New Reading Osteopaths to join the Reflex Team

Two new arrivals at Reflex Spinal Health are a pair of

Gary Whelan Reading Osteopaths

Gary Whelan: Reading Osteopath

passionate Reading Osteopaths.  Gary Whelan had practised previously in Weston-Super-Mare and Cheltenham.  Jérémie Agius has travelled all the way from France to become a member of the team.  It has been a long held plan by Andy and Laura Green to expand and move the practice, and also to expand the types of care that are available at the centre.  There are many different approaches, and treatment types, used by both chiropractors and osteopaths.  However the aim at Reflex is to unite the professions and utilise the strengths of one another to create the best results for each patient.  We find that there is a lot of uncertainly in the general public about the differences between the professions of physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy.  However, we like to look at this from the opposite point of view and reinforce the many

Jérémie Agius Reading Osteopath

Jérémie Agius: Reading Osteopath

similarities between these effective disciplines.

Imagine, if you will, a Venn diagram three interlinking circles.  One of these circle represents physiotherapy, one is chiropractic and the final one is osteopathy.    All three circles overlap with each other, but the overlap between chiropractic and osteopathy is greater than either of the overlaps they have with physio.  However, the range of different treatment types from one end of the spectrum of chiropractic treatments to the other is very broad and this can be confusing to members of the public who are looking for consistency.  This range of approaches would also be very similar with osteopathy.

The new approach at Reflex is to have found two new Reading Osteopaths who have a very similar philosophy behind their approach to pain relief, functional change and correction as the current team of chiropractors have.  This will ensure consistency, stability and the confidence of the Reflex guests to see other members of the team should someone not be available, and that they will get the same quality of care whomever they consult.

Reflex Spinal Health: your Reading Osteopaths and Chiropractors new home

Reflex Spinal Health centre in ReadingThe long awaited move to the brand new premises has offered the community of Reading a fantastic bespoke facility in the heart of Caversham.  As well as their team of Reading Chiropractors, and the new Reading Osteopaths, the clinic continues to offer custom foot orthotics, spinal rehabilitation, neurological care and a special interest in sports injuries and attaining optimal performance.

All chiropractors must be registered in the UK with the General Chiropractic Council, while all osteopaths must be registered with the General Osteopathic Council.

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