The Blue Cow Summit – Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs to create a Dream Life

Blue Cow Summit – Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Blue Cow Summit are inviting business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone looking for effective personal development to join them in London for an amazing 2 days of awesome content and business ideas that every entrepreneur should know in 2015. Check out our Blue Cow Speakers site TO BOOK and for more information on the event. There is currently a massive 30% OFF with promo code: ANDYGREEN

Blue Cow summit business ideas for entrepreneurs

Blue Cow Summit 2015

Business Ideas to design your Dream Life

Create the dream life you really want in 2 days with our unique course and great business ideas. Over the two days delegates will create a personal plan learn todays best strategies, business ideas and vehicles for wealth creation, transform their business into something extraordinary, develop a winners mindset, master key strategies for lasting health, build the psychology that leads to a fuller, richer life and turn what they already know into their fortune.

But why on Earth is it called the Blue Cow Summit? Jo & Steve Davison¬†were inspired by the cartoon Blue Cow when their kids were young. Blue Cow is a very unusual cow who dreams about success and what she really wishes to do. One day Blue Cow dreams about competing at the Olympics. All the brown cows just shake their heads and tell her it is impossible, but we watch as she goes and wins a Gold medal! Most of us have our dreams quashed by all the naysayers telling them, “Oh No…. you can’t do that!” A Blue Cow is someone who does not listen to the masses, does not let them become limited in their aspiration, fulfills their business ideas and is passionate and determined to live their dream life. Are you a Blue Cow or one of the many brown cows?

Founders of WoW Inspirational Business Ideas, Dr’s Jo & Steve Davison (Doctors of Chiropractic), will present on how to get clear on what you really want for your life and your business ideas and how to make these decisions quickly and easily. Once you learn this you will learn how to make this happen and how to implement the 5 key “dream” steps to bring the plan to life.

Daniel Priestley & Darshana Ubl, from Key Person of Influence (KPI), will present some fantastic material on how to deliver dynamic business growth, business ideas and change. Daniel will teach business ideas to get customers queuing up for your products and services, to become oversubscribed and to develop a mindset so you feel sought after even in a crowded marketplace. Fellow KPI expert, Darshana will share her expertise on developing partnerships with successful brands, to collaborate commercial partnerships and how to magnify the value of your offering and ongoing business ideas.

Business Ideas to Inspire you to make it happen

Once you have learnt tools to design and develop your dream business the Blue Cow Summit will inspire you to fulfil this potential. Headlining the array of world class speakers is Dr John Demartini, who will present how to develop leadership skills and expand your influence and the art of communication as it relates to negotiations and sales. Many people feel that communication, especially public speaking, is a scary skill that may hold them back from developing their full potential. Well, Andy Harrington, aka The Jet Set Speaker, is a renowned public speaking coach who will deliver how to generate a powerful presence whilst remaining totally confident, comfortable and congruent on stage as well as how to become an instant authority with your own custom designed unique custom solution.

Wealth creation can take many different routes, but property investment expert, Gill Fielding, will explain clearly why property is such a powerful investment vehicle and how to develop a property developer’s mindset, how to invest and what to invest in and also how to leverage what you have to acquire property.

Business Ideas to support your Health or your client’s health

Blue Cow Summit will also cover health topics that everyone can benefit from. Bestselling author, health expert and chiropractor, Dr Fab Mancini, has been lecturing around the world over the last year but will open your eyes to the power of self healing. Covering topics such as diet, effective supplementation and new insights into how physical activity floods the body with natural healing substances.

Last, but by no means least of the headline speakers, is Dr Joe Dispenza. Fascinating material on why reality is based on your perceptions and feelings right through to how the epigenetic model of health is one of the most exciting discoveries in proactive healthcare, Dr Dispenza will open eyes to areas of health that are sometimes tricky to understand.

There will be several other fantastic speakers supplementing the headline speakers, but the line up and structure of this fantastic event is unique. If you are looking for inspiration in how to design and implement these amazing business ideas and fulfill your dream life this is a must attend event for you!

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